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A little about me. 

I'm a wife, a mother to two amazing children, a creative with a passion for photography, and a life-long resident of Mandeville. 

My children are my muses and the reason why I love documenting the early years. When my husband and I started our family 6 years ago, I realized that it's true what they say. These first few years are fleeting. Babies don't keep. And while the days are long, the years are very, very short. 

hello. I'm jessica.


simple elegance

soft tones


The name, Bushels & Pecks, wasn't a fleeting idea that I decided on for the name of my business because it sounded cute. Well, maybe that's a little of the story, but really, the name Bushels & Pecks has a lot of meaning to me. I have a memory of my mom singing that song by Doris Day. Do you know it?

"I love you, a bushel and a peck...and a hug around the neck..."

My mom sang it to me and she learned it from her mother. Now, as a mom myself, I sing it to my children. It's a special memory that is being passed on from generation to generation. Like a photograph of those fleeting moments of being a new mom, a new family, all deserves to be documented and passed on.

I believe in creating natural, timeless memories & preserving them for generations to share.

bushels & pecks' Philosophy